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Have you ever had one of those Thanksgiving conundrums? I recall an evening when I was invited to dinner at an ex’s parents house. As we all gathered around the table the mom bought me a plate with chicken, corn, cabbage, and rice. My friend, the dad, mom, brother and sister all starred as I picked over the cabbage, and corn. Heck I was thinking, no one could fowl up corn. Or could they? Then it happened. I bit into the chicken and it was not cooked all the way through inside. Actually, now that I’m recalling bad food memories, this happened at another time when invited over to another friends house for BBQ chicken that was burnt on the outside and raw on the inside.

Okay, back to Thanksgiving,. So, after biting into the chicken, before I knew it I had belted out an expletive that startled the whole table.  Well needless to say that night of dining was ruined and we broke up soon after. So take my advice, please make sure this doesn’t happen to you. My wise advice is to never take a FULL plate from someone whose cooking you have never tasted. Start with a salad, or something light, that way you can always say, “boy this salad is great, can I have more”? Then if all else fails, this always works if you know the food is not up to par. Just simply ask, “could I have that plate to go? I know that’s a rare move during Thanksgiving, but considering the alternative, it’s worth a try. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!

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