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As per the 2020 tradition, this year’s Thanksgiving “is going to look a lot different” than turkey days of the past. But one of the most interesting changes this year is where the dinners are actually being hosted. Hint: It’s not at Grandma’s house this year.

According to a new survey, it’s Gen Z and Millennials that are still planning on having a get together this year. In fact, we’re actually more than twice as likely to be a Thanksgiving host than anyone 55 and older. Chief credit analyst Matt Schulz says the younger generations feeling that they’re “invincible in the face of COVID-19” is to blame for why people our age think it’s okay to have people over.

Meanwhile, since they’re the most at risk, it completely makes sense why the older generations are opting to quarantine instead. Another interesting finding from the study is that even though gatherings are getting smaller this year, spending has still gone up about 53% from 2019.

  • This year, people opting to play host will spend about $475 total with $343 of that going towards food and drink and $131 on new housewares, like dishes, furniture, linens, and décor. Once again proving this is a Millennial-led Thanksgiving because who do you know that has good decor? Clearly, we’re scrambling to upgrade before having folks over.

This is true for me! I’m considered a millennial and I will be hosting my mom for Thanksgiving this year for the first time. Not only will this be the first year that Thanksgiving will be at my residence but it’s also the first year that I’m cooking! I’m actually really excited about it. But no worries…I’ve taken the proper precautions, I got a rapid test from BetterMed for COVID-19 and it came back negative, so I feel safe having my mom over! Be sure to follow me on Instagram, as I’m sure I will be posting pictures of my first time cooking Thanksgiving! I won’t have the pretty table set up as LauRen has, but baby steps…maybe I’ll be there next year!