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Koala bear lunch box, fun food art for kids

I’m pretty sure I will never do this for my poor husband, but it look cool af!

Some parents like preparing Pinterest-worthy lunches for their kids to take to school, but one woman is going viral on social media for the lunchbox feasts she makes for her husband. Liza, a 22-year-old in San Francisco, never sends her spouse out the door for work with a sad sandwich and bag of chips. She’s a little more gourmet with his midday meals and shares her creations on TikTok, where she’s gained hundreds of thousands of followers for the videos showing off her hubby’s lunches.

Liza whips up different culinary treats for him each day and says they can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to prepare and pack. In one TikTok we see her filling the lunchbox’s different compartments with chicken wings, noodles, a cucumber filled with mozzarella, pesto and cherry tomatoes, and for dessert? A wrap with Nutella and banana.

Part of her inspiration for the over the top lunches comes from a local Japanese store that sells lots of cool-looking utensils, like rice molds and cookie cutters. Liza says she also gets inspired by other cuisines, including Asian, Mexican and Eastern European. Her videos get thousands of comments, with many users joking that they wish they were her husband so they could get some of that tasty food. “Does your husband know how lucky he is,” asks one commenter, while another writes, “Petitioning to replace your husband.”


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