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XINING, CHINA - AUGUST 16: (CHINA OUT) A sex worker undresses at a rented house near the Xining Railway Station on August 16, 2006 in Xining, China. Many girls come from rural areas to the city for better economic prospects. They are often unskilled and find the greatest economic opportunity in prostitution. Due to a lack of education and knowledge of protection against diseases, the girls are the most vulnerable to HIV infection. According to state media, China has strengthened efforts to popularize the use of condoms to prevent the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

We just found out where states lean politically, but thanks to a new survey, we’ve figured out something even more important about America. Finally, we know for sure which state in the U.S. is the horniest. And the leader may come as a shock.

Locally we couldn’t be more different. SC is in the top 10 horniest, and NC is in the bottom 10.

The study was conducted by Bespoke Surgical and led by Dr. Evan Goldstein and they’ve come to their conclusion on who is the kinkiest based on how spending on sex products varies by state. They tallied up the numbers and it turns out Connecticut is the state that’s buying up the most lube, sex toys, and fetish gear. In fact, 78.9% of the Connecticuters surveyed reported buying fetish gear on an annual basis. Respect!

America’s Horniest States
(How Much They Spend On Sex Products)

  1. Connecticut (spent 36.7% more than the national average)
  2. California (spent 28.1% more than the national average)
  3. Nevada (spent 23.8% more than the national average)

America’s Least Horny States

  1. Missouri (spent 26.0% less than the national average)
  2. Alabama (spent 23.8% less than the national average)
  3. Indiana (spent 16.1% less than the national average)

Source: Cosmopolitan