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(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Would you hop in water, and wrestle an alligator to save your dog? That’s exactly what this man did, and now he is getting praised online for his bravery!

Gunner, who is a 3-month old Cavalier King Charles spaniel, was terrifyingly snatched by an alligator when standing near a pond in Estero, Florida.

Without a second thought, Gunner’s dad, Richard Wilbanks, leaped in the pond to help. Wilbanks pulled alligator out of the water and wrestled it out of it’s jaws, saving the dog’s life.

The scary moment was all caught on surveillance video too.




Luckily both the puppy, and his heroic dad are okay. I say Mr. Wilbanks deserves some serious credit for his brave act! Would you do the same?