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All parents want help with their kids, right? But what if it’s from an invisible “nanny?” Maybe not so much. But that’s exactly what one mom is dealing with after her toddler son revealed he has someone he calls “nanny” who the mom can’t see. Creepy as it is, this nanny helps soothe her kid, so it’s not all bad.

In a Reddit post, the mom explains that during her toddler’s massive poop explosion, he started having a meltdown and was screaming so much, she had to leave the bathroom because it was “ricocheting through her skull and causing a headache.” So as she’s walking away, she hears her tot calling “Nanny! Nanny!” And she notes he’s never had a nanny and both sets of his grandparents have passed away, so he’s never met them. The mom peeks in and the kid tells her, “No, I want nanny!”

So she left and as she was going down the hallway, he stopped screaming and she heard him giggle, which, of course, made her go right back in to find out what was going on. Her son was sitting there, smiling, and when she asked “What did Nanny tell you?” He looked her dead in the eye and whispered, “calm down.” The mother jokes, “I was very nice bathing this boy this evening because, apparently, he has a nanny that I can’t see. And I don’t want this invisible b*tch to hate me.”

  • Lots of parents on Reddit claim they’d “nope” right out of the house, but others think the mom should be thankful. “A ghost that can chill the kid out when I can’t,” one writes. “Sign me up. Sounds like an angel instead of a ghost.”