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STAMFORD, CT - NOVEMBER 24: Central American immigrants and their families pray before Thanksgiving dinner on November 24, 2016 in Stamford, Connecticut. Family and friends, some of them U.S. citizens, others on work visas and some undocumented immigrants came together in an apartment to celebrate the American holiday with turkey and Latin American dishes. They expressed concern with the results of the U.S. Presidential election of president-elect Donald Trump, some saying their U.S.-born children fear the possibilty their parents will be deported after Trump's inauguration. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Getting the whole family together for a usual Thanksgiving celebration can be great, but it can also lead to some very awkward situations. Well, now folks are sharing. A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks revealing their most awkward family encounters on Thanksgiving and we bet some folks can relate.

Awkward encounters include:

  • “My grandma put me in a timeout when I was 20 because I drank a glass of wine at Thanksgiving. Mind you we have 30+ people there and I had to sit in a chair for 20 minutes not talking to anyone.”
  • “My grandma asked how my aunt’s sex life was in front of the entire family on Thanksgiving.”
  • “At Thanksgiving dinner my uncle said ‘stop going in and out of the house.’ I said ‘stop going in and out of jail.’”
  • “I was helping pack leftovers for Thanksgiving. My great grandma told me not to pack too much because I don’t need to get any fatter. I’m 5’2 and 115 pounds…my boyfriend was standing right behind me.”
  • “Thanksgiving turkey fail. All my cousins were over for Thanksgiving and the turkey was ready so my uncle tripped over the dog and dropped the turkey out the window.”
  • “Last year my mom dropped the turkey while taking it out of the oven, then she looked at me and said ‘tell no one.’”
  • “My sister-in-law came for Thanksgiving and we got busted doing it in the basement.”
  • “My daughter peed on my parents’ couch on Thanksgiving. I wiped it and flipped the cushion. They don’t know.”

Source: Whisper