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Roy, Nicole, and I have always wanted to get our conceal and carry permits and this was the week! Wednesday and Thursday of this week we all headed to Blackstone Shooting Sports just outside of uptown Charlotte for our 8-hour course and range day test.

Now, you know we came in hot, cracking jokes and having a good old time! Roy made jokes about Nicole never even seeing a gun before in person. I made that’s what she said jokes. Dallas made jokes about “moving furniture” in the single-stall bathrooms. However, we did reel it back in a little. At least enough to pay attention and make it through the course.

I am happy to announce that after our 8 hours in the classroom and time in the shooting range all four of us have passed the class and feel safe and comfortable with our weapons. I know what I’m asking Santa for this Christmas.

Check out our gallery from the range.