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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - APRIL 02: Passenger go through TSA screening at a nearly-deserted O'Hare International Airport on April 2, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois. The airport, which typically serves 8.2 million passengers a month, has closed two of its seven runways as the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly reduced air travel. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

National Geographic came out with their picks for the best destinations in the world for 2021, and now it’s Lonely Planet’s turn! Lonely Planet is a travel guidebook, and it’s a really good one. When I traveled to Thailand a few years ago, I was gifted a Thailand Lonely Planet book and it was life changing! When it comes to traveling, I 100% trust the people behind Lonely Planet…so this list excites me, because while I couldn’t do much traveling in 2020, I plan on traveling as much as I can in 2021…even if that’s road tripping to nearby states.

This year they split their list into three categories…

  • Best in Sustainability
  • Best in Community
  • Best in Diversity

A few things that we found from the list…

  • Gothenburg, Sweden topped the Global Destinations Sustainability Index and earned the honor of “Best City Stay”
  • Greece is the place you want to go for the Best Food
  • For Best in Community, the Invisible Cities tour in the UK was named Best Tour, while Faroe Islands earned the honor of “Best Immersion”
  • Gullah Islands, USA landed in the Best in Diversity category, singled out for Best Under-Explored History
  • San Diego, California was given props for Best in Cultural Diversity

You can see the complete list here.