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Beautiful young woman makes cleaning the house. Girl rubs dust.

Lots of us find it tough to find the motivation to clean our own homes, but not Auri Kananen. The popular TikToker loves cleaning and tidying so much, she’s happy to do it for others, for free. Her 1.8-million TikTok followers know she doesn’t call herself the “Queen of Clean” for nothing. The social media celeb from Finland is such a fan of the task, she even tidies for her ex-boyfriend. In a recent video, she shares that he asked if she could clean his dirty balcony, but she couldn’t stop there.

Auri’s cleaning spree at her ex’s was epic. While he was away on vacay with his new girlfriend, she reorganized his pantry, kitchen cabinets, and even color-coded the clothes in his closet. The 27-year-old made his bed and even folded his towels into the shape of swans and left them on the bed, like they do for you on a cruise. She went as far as making fancy bows at the end of the toilet paper roll.

“Once I got started, I couldn’t stop,” the cleaning-obsessed woman shares. “So I ended up organizing his whole house!” The video has more than 650-thousand views and as you can imagine, a lot of TikTokers just don’t get why she would agree to help clean her ex’s place. Users question her about it and she has a simple answer. “Because although he’s an ex, I wish him all the best,” Auri explains. “Plus, I simply enjoy cleaning.”