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If you’re like LauRen & Producer Nicole, then you’ve already started decorating for Christmas!

With colder weather and Holiday decorations up, you might be craving hot cocoa at all hours of the day! is amazing because they’ve completely let us in on all of these Starbucks secret menu items. Sometimes hot cocoa is thought about as a ‘not a morning time drink.’ Well! That changes now. ‘s “Hot Cocoa Cold Brew” is not actually on the Starbucks’ holiday menu, so you can’t order it by name but that’s okay because here is how you break down your order step by step for your barista.

  • Start by ordering a Venti Sweet Cream Cold Brew with two pumps of vanilla
  • Next ask for 4 pumps of mocha and 1 pump of toasted white moche
  • Then top off your order with chocolate powder and chocolate curls

YUM! Try it and send us a picture!


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