Coronavirus Information Report

Car Photo by Mike from Pexels

If you’re working from home like most, you’re car has been sitting idol since the shut down across the country. If you’re revving up your vehicle, great because cars are meant to move and sitting still for prolonged periods of time can be kind of detrimental. Those brakes and it’s oil can deteriorate, even batteries drain, and tires lose air over time. ff you’re wondering how long you can go between oil changes when you don’t reach the mileage interval, check your owner’s manual for the maximum time, so having a mechanic in the family, you’re lucky, because of the trust factor.

It seems batteries go bad just when you’re trying to get home or leave for work so start your car once a week and let it run for at least 5-10 minutes, but if your car is parked in a garage, make sure to open the garage door open to ensure proper ventilation for exhaust fumes. Which reminds me to start my AAA membership.


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