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VENICE, ITALY - JUNE 01: Barbara Meier and her bride mades are seen during the wedding celebration of Barbara Meier and Klemens Hallmann on June 01, 2019 in Venice, Italy. (Photo by Chris Singer/Bluesparrow via Getty Images)

Finding the perfect location for a wedding is never easy, but one bride-to-be thought she came up with the ideal spot for her perfect day, unfortunately, it didn’t sit right with the person who actually owns the property.

A man shares on Reddit that about 28 years ago he and his wife bought an old farmhouse in Southern Europe that the family has nicknamed “The Castle” because of the turret on the property. His niece recently got engaged and during a Zoom engagement party, she mentioned that she was hoping he’d let her have her wedding at The Castle, and he wasn’t thrilled at the idea.

He says he didn’t want to outright say no, and noted that it couldn’t be a big wedding because of the size of the garden, but the bride already had a plan. She suggested they put up tents in the field close by, which he doesn’t even own, with all the guests staying at a hotel. The OP still wasn’t happy with the bride’s plan, but then things got worse. The OP notes that the bride then told him, “she plans to use the master bedroom as the bridal suite and for the wedding party to have the remaining rooms. My wife, children and I would have to stay elsewhere.”

Well, the OP put his foot down and absolutely wouldn’t agree to being displaced from his own home, which caused a huge family fight with the bride and the OP’s sister saying he was “ruining” the wedding “she always dreamed of.” The sister took it one step further suggesting that because the OP “used my inheritance” to buy the home it is “family property,” which he calls ridiculous.

Source: Fox News