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We’ve found out a lot about our homes during the lockdown. We figured out that our bedroom doesn’t make a great office, our bathrooms can never have enough toilet paper, and that our living room deserves a better couch. It’s a painful lesson to learn since our sofas have become our whole worlds.

A new survey has found the This means that if you add things up since March that the average person has spent over 448-hours in full couch-potato mode. And ready for an even more upsetting stat? The study found seven in 10 people now think of their sofa as a new best friend. Yikes.

But then again, it kind of makes sense. Not only have our sofas been the spot for all our entertainment, but they’ve also become 61% of people’s workstations, and the dining era for about 42% of people. Not to mention that our couches have become one of the only things we can still count on to always have our back.

Source: Study Finds