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SAN FRANCISCO - MAY 13: Oreo Cookies are seen May 13, 2003 in San Francisco. Attorney Stephen Joseph filed a lawsuit in the Marin County Superior Court May 1, 2003 seeking a ban on Oreo Cookies in California arguing that the trans fats that make the filling creamy and cookie crunchy are dangerous for children to eat. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

No more waiting for that limited-edition Oreos to hit store shelves… now you can create their very own cookies.

Oreo is offering two ways to customize them online. One is just to choose the creme filling. There are eight colors available including red, green, purple and pink. The other option is the design.

Cookies can be dipped in white or classic fudge and/or be covered in sprinkles. You can even add text or a photo! If you go all out for the design, you’ll need to place a minimum order of 20 one-count boxes, a minimum of five four-count boxes, or a 12-count or 24-count box.

It’s all part of the new OREOiD feature.

Source: Yahoo