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We’ve been through a lot this year and if you weren’t already feeling anxious and stressed out by 2020, Election Day may have been what put you over the edge. While it feels like it’s been 627 days since November 3rd, it was actually just over a week ago, but since then, it’s been practically impossible to think about anything other than the news and electoral votes. And that means most of our sex lives have probably not exactly been thriving.

So after all the nail-biting, waves of panic, and stress-eating we’ve been doing since the election, you may be ready to get back to business in the bedroom. If your libido has been MIA and you’re ready to feel turned on again, here are some post-election ideas to get you back in the mood.

  • Light some candles – It sets the mood and hides all the clutter you’ve been too stressed-out to put away.
  • Lay your and your partner’s “I voted” stickers on the bed – Forget the rose petals, use the stickers.
  • Binge watch something other than CNN – Get your mind off politics and on just about anything else. Try “The Great British Bake Off,” and soak up their serotonin to use in the bedroom.
  • Listen to a Rosetta Stone French lesson – It is the language of love, afterall.
  • Take a sec to process that soon enough the election will be behind us – And that’s good for America and your libido.