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We won’t be doing this since it’s the first year we are introducing Cashton’s to Elf on the Shelf but if you need a break, quarantine is the perfect opportunity to put the Elf on the shelf.

While we’re all still coping with the stress of the election by polishing off our kids’ Halloween candy behind their backs, 2020 is still creeping along. That means the holidays are less than two months away and we really hate to be the ones to remind you of this, but that also means the return of the Elf on the Shelf in just a few short weeks.

Sure, we want to make the holidays more magical for our little ones after the year we’ve all had, but the thought of having to move that jolly elf every single day may be enough to send you over the edge. So let us talk you down with a suggestion that will take some stress off the rest of the year for you – put the elf in “quarantine.”

This could buy you 14 days of freedom from the elf’s creative shenanigans! Sounds great, doesn’t it? You can come up with your own idea for how to do it, or buy an “Elf Isolation House” on Etsy, which is basically a big jar and a face mask where it can sit alone and keep everyone healthy and happy for two weeks. The jar even comes with a 14-day countdown and a piece of chalk so your kiddos can mark off the days while you reinforce the importance of safety measures. We’re all for making this time of year special for our kids, but we also know our limits and if you’re reaching yours, don’t feel guilty, just save what’s left of your sanity and give yourself a break this year.