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An 8-year-old in Texas can now say he has the best mullet in the U.S. He won first place in the kids’ division in the 2020 Kids Mullet Championships, which was put on by the USA Mullet Championships.

Jax took home a $500 prize and a gift card package for his curly mullet. He beat out 100 applicants and received 5,000 votes, HOI ABC reported.

“During these tough times, it’s important to have fun,” Kevin Begola, president of the USA Mullet Championships, said. “This is exactly what 2020 needed!”

Organizers said that 12-year-old Noah from Illinois netted himself $200 for placing second for his freedom flapper mullet.

7-year-old Jude from Colorado finished third for his modern mullet and received a $100 prize.

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Source: KRIS-TV