Although we are all nervously awaiting the 2020 Presidential election results, Kanye West is doing his best to keep the attention on him.

The rapper posted multiple tweets last night about his voting experience, including going to the polls, voting for himself, and him with his “I Voted” sticker. In one tweet, he wrote, “The first vote of my life We are here to serve We pray for every servant leader in the world.”

Kanye then admitted defeat but seemed to announce that he is running again in 2024. He captioned his most recent photo, “KANYE 2024.”

Surprisingly enough, there were actually quite a few people who voted for the rapper. Per XXL, 57,396 to be exact.

The outlet writes, “In Colorado, Kanye received nearly 6,000 votes; in Vermont over 1,200 votes; Arkansas: 3,979 votes; Idaho: 2,309; Iowa: 3,179; Kentucky: 6,259; Louisiana: 4,837; Minnesota 6,796; Mississippi: 3,009; Oklahoma: 5,587; Tennessee: 10,188; and in Utah, ‘Ye received¬†4,053 votes.”

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