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As someone who met her husband on her 21st birthday. I say PLAY THE GAME (if you’re a woman) because there is a double standard for us ladies. Guys love the chase and there is a fine balance between being available and being too available.

First dates can send your anxiety into overdrive, but even if everything goes well, there’s another question that you’ll have to figure out: How long should you wait before you text your date? It’s something many daters worry about because no one wants to seem too eager or wait so long they seem like they’re not interested. So what’s the right answer? Relationship experts say the best rule of thumb is to text a basic “thank you” within 24 hours of your first date

According to matchmaker Susan Trombetti, most people text within a few hours of the date to thank the person and say they had a good time, but it should be done no later than the next day. And that 24-hour timeline is just for the thank you text, she says if you just want to flirt or want to ask for a second date, you can wait as long as three to five days after the first date.

And if your date texts you first? Digital dating coach Andrea McGinty advises watching your response time if you’re interested in pursuing things with them. So how long are we talking? Trombetti says you need to answer during the same day you get the text, otherwise your date will think you’re not into them. Both of these experts agree on the biggest thing to avoid – sending late-night texts, especially if you’ve only been on a first date with them. McGinty says if it’s after 11pm, or you’re getting too cozy with your glass of wine, it’s best to wait until morning to text.