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A Playboy model says she was left feeling “humiliated” on a Southwest Airlines flight after she claims she was asked to cover up her outfit or face being removed from the plane.

Eve J Marie, who was traveling with her seven-year-old son, alleges that she was forced to borrow a flight attendant’s sweater and tie it around her for the entirety of the service from Dallas to Tulsa. She was told that her dress was too small and her cleavage was too much for the flight. The model and influencer detailed her experience in a video shared to social media, saying that she was particularly upset as a frequent flier who spends $90,000 a year with the airline. “I have just landed and I’m so pissed off,” she said. “I’m trying not to let it ruin my day.”

She claims she felt humiliated and offended when she was told she would have to change her clothes or face being removed from the plane. Marie says she even boarded the plane with no issues, but was later called over by a crew member and informed of her choice.

Marie says she was offered $100 compensation from Southwest Airlines, but she feels that is not enough to make up for the humiliation.