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A Fairy and a Lego guy walk into a bar...

Halloween 2020. AKA “Pandemic Halloween.” I felt bad for my kids who weren’t going to enjoy the same type of Halloween as I had enjoyed so many times in the past. Instead this year, we decided as a family to play things safe. That means, social distancing from others, avoid going to doors and knocking, and overall we couldn’t enjoy Saturday night Halloween! Plus, my son Dean was sick 2 years ago, then it stormed last year… My son hasn’t had a “normal” Halloween in years! What a bunch of crap haha.

Well this past weekend we made the most of it. It was a great night, and the kids had a blast collecting candy safely and I’ve enjoyed eating all of it! Next year we need a Saturday night Halloween redo though. So we can celebrate the right way! Who’s with me?