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A 'Mic' article from 2012 said it costs 15 cents to produce a single "I Voted" sticker. "Though it's unclear exactly how many stickers governments around the country did purchase, it is worth noting that ensuring that one of these stickers would be available to each of the United States's 230 million voters would cost over $34 million. With these stickers available all over the country, there is little doubt that the government spent millions for adults to wear stickers," notes the author. Clearly, the author lacks any sense of whimsy!

This is pretty awesome!

At 107 years old, Sgt. Dorothy “Dot” Cole has obviously lived through a LOT, to say the least. She even lived through the women’s suffrage movement ( which celebrated its 100 year anniversary this year).

Dot is currently documented as the oldest living U.S. Marine in the nation, and wouldn’t you know, she lives in Kannapolis. Last week, Cole cast her ballot in the 2020 presidential election.

Dot’s daughter, named Beth said it was super important to her mother to get out and vote, but she is very disappointed in other parts of how politics have changed in the past century.

“She is really upset with the way that people are being so divided. It has never been so divided in history. It’s at its worst point.”

Cole enlisted in the Marines shortly after the United States entered World War II following the bombing of Pearl Harbor.


What an awesome story. I can’t imagine how wild it must be to have lived through so many moments in history, and to continue to help make history by casting her vote for this current election!