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We’ve heard warnings about the dangers of TikTok before, but they’re usually related to risky challenges kids are being encouraged to participate in, like the Benadryl Challenge. But now parents of a 12-year-old girl in Canada are warning other families about an expensive situation their daughter got into on the social media platform. She managed to rack up a $12-thousand bill by purchasing “likes” and they had no clue it was happening.

The app offers users opportunities to buy enhanced features using real money and the tween got roped in. While her essential worker parents were at their jobs every day, she was purchasing virtual coins, which are then exchanged for likes and follows from popular TikTok stars. Her spending was charged to the card on file, which happens to be her mama’s Mastercard.

And you might think that blowing $12-thousand on TikTok would spark Apple, TikTok or Mastercard to report suspicious activity to the cardholder, but the mom didn’t hear anything about it and had no clue her daughter was using it until her bill came in the mail. The parents assure that their kid is well-behaved and just didn’t understand the consequences of her social media spending spree and now they’re making others aware so it doesn’t happen to them. As for the bill? They’re still disputing it and there’s no word yet on if they’ll get a refund.