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This study was interesting to me… Sex dreams are equal parts excitement and confusion and they’re also an experience people are having more often than you’d think. According to a new survey, 93% of people say they have them regularly, and more than a quarter say they have them every few days.

As you might have guessed from sex IRL, the genders have some different ideas of what makes up a good sex dream.

  • For women, sex dreams seem to be mostly about the present or future. Sex and relationship expert Jessica Leoni says “women are much more likely to dream of sex with someone close to them that they secretly desire.” This tracks as the survey found the top two people women have sex dreams about are friends and coworkers.
  • Meanwhile, men seem to be stuck in the past with their sex dreams. Leoni says “men prefer to revisit their greatest hits […] reimagining past sexual encounters with their first love and other ex-partners.” Spot on again with the survey finding the most popular dream for men is sex with an ex. Men are also more likely to be haunted by past sexual failures like an inability to perform. But don’t feel too bad for them because it doesn’t seem to be affecting their libido too much as group sex and hooking up with celebrities also cracked the top five.

Women’s Most Popular Erotic Dreams

  1. Sex with a friend
  2. Sex with a work colleague
  3. Sex with a stranger
  4. Sex with my current partner
  5. My partner cheats on me

Men’s Most Popular Erotic Dreams

  1. Sex with an ex
  2. Embarrassing sex dreams where something goes wrong
  3. Group sex
  4. Sex with a celebrity
  5. Sex in a public place

Check out the full lists HERE.

Source: Metro