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As we (I) get older, there are some things we can’t do as well or as often as our younger selves. Have you ever considered there are some words that you may want to ditch from your vocabulary once you hit a certain age? We’re talking about slang words that you may think make you seem hip, but when you’re 40 or older, others may see as not so much cool, but like you’re going through a midlife crisis. These are some slang terms and phrases that you might want to consider retiring if you’re trying to “act your age.”

  • “All the feels” – When you’re a teenager or in your 20s and you’re overwhelmed with emotion, you’re having all the feels. But some think it’s wrong to be 40+ and say something like, “I just finalized my divorce and I’m having all the feels.”
  • “YOLO” – Is 40 the age to retire the acronym for “you only live once?” Some feel we should stop being foolish and doing things we know we shouldn’t by this time, and that saying YOLO should be a hard no.
  • “Lit” – It refers to something really cool, but it might not be “lit” to hear a middle-aged person use it.


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