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A 'Mic' article from 2012 said it costs 15 cents to produce a single "I Voted" sticker. "Though it's unclear exactly how many stickers governments around the country did purchase, it is worth noting that ensuring that one of these stickers would be available to each of the United States's 230 million voters would cost over $34 million. With these stickers available all over the country, there is little doubt that the government spent millions for adults to wear stickers," notes the author. Clearly, the author lacks any sense of whimsy!

When you’re about to have a baby, you’re probably in a hurry to get to the hospital ASAP, right? While some expecting parents may rush directly to get medical care, one central Florida woman had a quick errand she needed to run while she was in labor. What was so important? Her husband says she refused to go to the hospital until she handed in her ballot.

The unnamed woman made the election her priority and insisted her hubby make the detour so she could vote before she gave birth. He did as instructed, taking her to the Supervisor of Elections Office in Orlando on the way to the hospital. Karen Briceno Gonzalez was working at the time and says despite being in labor, the woman was calm, but her spouse? “The husband was a little bit more nervous,” she says.

Gonzalez says when he informed her about the unusual circumstances, she and her colleagues rushed a vote-by-mail ballot out to the woman, who was waiting in the car. They expected her to fill it out later and carry on to the hospital, but she surprised them by doing it right then and walking to drop her ballot in the box herself. And Gonzalez says, “She was very happy that she got to vote.”