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This is crazy! Most parents fall instantly in love and form a bond with their child from the minute they are born, while for others it does take some time. But one dad just hasn’t been able to do so with his son at all and it’s somewhat heartbreaking.

An anonymous man shared a shocking and brutally honest post on Medium, which he titled “Why Don’t I Like My Son?” He writes, “I don’t know why I don’t like him; he’s not a bad kid, he’s actually a terrific kid, he’s smart, well-spoken, kind, rarely misbehaves,” but adds, “I have no interest in him; I see him every weekend, and honestly, I really couldn’t care less,” noting that he only sees him because he feels “obligated” to.  In fact, due to the pandemic, he says, “I didn’t see him for nearly six months, and I did not care in the slightest.”

The man stresses that he doesn’t actually neglect his child, and does take care of him when he’s with him, makes sure his needs are met, and even takes him to the park, but notes,  “I do these things out of pure obligation, I don’t want to do them. I don’t enjoy spending time with him.”

The writer shares that he hasn’t abandoned his son completely because his dad left him and he doesn’t want the same for his child, plus he’s worried about his family turning on him. He explains, “I want to love my son; I want to have that relationship that I never had with my dad.. but at the same time, I feel like I’m forcing something that isn’t there.” You can see more on this story at The Mirror.