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A small Pennsylvania winery has released a red wine blend that pretty much sums up the way we feel about 2020. Grovedale Winery produces more than two dozen different bottles, but the one that’s got everyone’s attention at the moment? That one’s called “Sh!tshow” and even better? The tagline is “A fine wine for the times.”

Believe it or not, the name for the Cab Sav and Merlot blend was created in early 2020, before anyone knew how fitting it would be for this year. Grovedale owner Jeff Homer says their winemaker came up with the name as a joke at first and when they floated the idea to people, they immediately started laughing, so they kept it.

“We lift a glass together to celebrate life’s good moments, and we thought having a wine for the ‘Sh!tshow’ moments of life would help bring a smile,” Homer explains. “At the time, we were thinking of situations like your friend goes through a divorce, or when your project at work fails.” Little did they know how appropriate this wine’s name would be for this year. Need this for your collection? You can buy it online for $20 a bottle.