SAN BRUNO, CA - JUNE 19: Tupperware is seen on the shelf at a Target store June 19, 2003 in San Bruno, California. Tupperware Corp. will pull its products from Target stores later this year because the Tupperware party has suffered during the eight months the product line has been available at Target. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Thanks to leftovers and being home more, an iconic company has been saved…for now.

Tupperware has been in homes for over 50 years, but the last few saw steep declines in their profits. Then came the coronavirus. With people being at home more, sales took off.

For most of its run, Tupperware relied on social gatherings to spur sales, now it’s social distancing! Before the stay-at-home orders, the iconic brand saw sales plummet at the beginning of the year…and it was the worst drop in its history.

The latest numbers show the brand quadrupled its profit. It took everyone, including the company, by surprise. Now, you can buy Tupperware mostly online, on a whim. Since people are heavily relying on the internet for shopping, they’re going where the action is.

And to expand even further, Tupperware got a U.S. patent for a system of growing veggies in outer space. Really.

Source: Associated Press