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I in no way consider myself fashionable, and never really have strong opinions about fashion, but when I saw Balenciaga’s new shoes… I had many opinions.

If you haven’t seen the shoes yet, they are basically the high heel version of those, as I called them, “toe running shoes” that people were obsessed with a few years ago.

Maybe it’s because I hate the feeling of my toes all being individually wrapped up, but I always thought those shoes were absolutely ridiculous.

Well now we have a high heel version of those shoes, thanks to Balenciaga.


Many people aren’t sure what to think of the new design, but it seems that Rihanna is a big fan! She was wearing a pair recently, and fans took notice.

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I couldn’t wear these things… Not that I could even afford them if I wanted to (they retail for over $1,200!)

Would you wear them?