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Every year for Halloween, Angela Nava gets creative with the decorations in her front yard. This year the Richmond, Texas, woman decided to try something a little different, creating a display with a strip club she calls “The Candy Shop” featuring pole-dancing skeletons. Some of her neighbors are fans of her offbeat decor, but her homeowner’s association? Not so much.

It seems Nava’s HOA has a bone to pick with her skeletons and they sent her a letter demanding she has to take it down because it’s inappropriate for a family-friendly neighborhood. But she says she had no plans to remove it before Halloween and luckily for her, they’ve given her 30 days to comply, so she won’t need to do it until after the holiday.

Nava says her main goal with the display is to brighten the mood and lift people’s spirits during the pandemic. “It’s all fun and games. This brings joy and happiness to people,” she explains. “It’s okay to be silly and fun.”

Source: Houston Chronicle


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Angela Nava

The Candy Shop is open for business...Candy got a new do...and the crowd is making it rain!!! Happy Halloween from The Candy Shop!!!! #idontowncopyrightstothismusic #QueenBae #halloween2020...


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