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SAN BRUNO, CA - JUNE 19: Tupperware is seen on the shelf at a Target store June 19, 2003 in San Bruno, California. Tupperware Corp. will pull its products from Target stores later this year because the Tupperware party has suffered during the eight months the product line has been available at Target. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

While many industries have been struggling during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s been interesting to see while the majority of industries suffer, which industries, and products are actually benefitting from the coronavirus pandemic.

One industry has had great sales numbers since the pandemic began; Tupperware.

With families spending much more time at home, and therefor, cooking at home, Tupperware has become more necessary than ever.

My roommate and I have a Tupperware drawer (that of course if not organized). Pro tip: save the plastic take out containers and reuse them if you don’t feel like spending money on a new set of Tupperware.

Another reason Tupperware has been doing so well is because of restaurants actually. Obviously restaurants have been suffering themselves because of reopening restrictions. For awhile restaurants could only do takeout, and still in NC, they are only allowed to open at 50% capacity. Therefor, even restaurants have started ordering and using more Tupperware than anything.

This pandemic has been rough, and mostly all news stories about it have been negative, so it’s nice to see at least one industry and product is actually doing well… if we’re looking on the bright sight that is.