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First off, who is your most stylish football, basketball or baseball player? Or a player from the past? Hands down when the money starts rolling in for these players, their style heightens via their Instagram feeds to walks on red carpets. I honestly love to see their victory dances and moves on the court or field, from slam dunks to spins and flips, it’s all entertaining. Let’s dive into the conversation about the fabulous wardrobe of Cam Newton!!! From the wide brim roaring 20s hats tilted to the side, to the Aunt Jemima Scarf, Cam has shown that he is willing to cross the line and most of us including the fashion police are applauding or either shaking their heads at, while others are just simply confused.

Yesterday former NFL quarterback Jack Garcia threw a bit of some shade at Cam, criticizing his wardrobe choice after playing the game, basically stated that since Cam’s play was so bad, the last thing he should be doing is bringing more attention to himself with yet another flashy outfit. For the record, we can wear whatever we choose to in public, right? However, what none of us get to choose is how people will respond, react and say under their breath. I believe when someone slams how we dress is a reflection of their own style. When it’s all said and done, how you present yourself determines how others view you, and that could be good or bad. It all depends on one thing. Do you care or not about what others think? Based on Cam’s outfits in the past and present, I think we know the answer to that question. He’s the most fashionable player on planet earth! Do you agree?

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