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Did you know that your dog is a hipster? According to a new study, man’s best friends are real music snobs. And we now know exactly what kind of music they’d consider bangers.

According to researchers from the University of Glasgow reggae and soft rock are go-to’s for dogs. While they did find some outliers, Professor Neil Evans says those two genres “showed the highest positive changes in behavior.” So if your dog’s being a “bad boy,” tell Siri to play some Bob Marley.

But if you’ve found your pooch doesn’t dig The Beach Boys like this new study says they should, try a little Mozart. The Scottish SPCA who partnered on this new research also found in 2015 and 2012 with other studies that classical music has calming effects on dogs. And just FYI, you can give them a spiked collar, but you can’t make them love Black Sabbath. Studies have found heavy metal causes anxiety and unrest in dogs.

Source: StudyFinds