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Merry Christmas from the Strager family.

I feel like I was a part of this study!

This year has certainly been a tough one for all of us thanks to the coronavirus, but children may have had it the hardest, especially since many really didn’t understand what’s going on. And with the holiday season fast approaching, it seems many parents hope it will help make up for everything they’ve been through.

A new survey finds that 69% of moms say there’s pressure to make the holiday season great for their kids. Over a third plan to go over the top with gift giving in order to make up for a terrible 2020. To do so, moms will spend, on average, $228 just on gifts for their children. While it may wind up being costly, 76% of parents say it will be worth it to see their kids laugh and smile over the holidays. 61% say gift giving is a great way to show your family you love them.

But giving gifts isn’t the only thing that will bring joy to families this holiday season.

  • Other holiday pleasures include:
    • Decorating the house (65%) This one is me to a T!
    • Watching holiday movies/TV (51%)
    • Listening to holiday music (49%)
    • Spending more time with family (43%)
    • Baking holiday cookies (41%)