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Some businesses offer free goods/services if you show your "I Voted" sticker. During the 2018 midterm elections, 'The New York Times' shared a list of businesses with "I Voted" sticker promotions. They included Uber and Lyft, who were offering free rides to polling stations, and Shake Shack, who were offering free crinkle-cut French fries with every order. Even though it's great to encourage civic engagement, 'The New York Times' notes, "Providing voters with incentives before or after voting in a federal election is technically illegal." Oops?


I wanted to go ahead and vote early this week, but was really curious about how long it would take. I only had about an hour break, so I wanted to see if I could get it done within that time frame. There are so many places you can early vote but I thought it was cool that Bank of America stadium, where the Carolina Panthers play, turned into an early voting place this year. I decided to go vote there for the experience.

My expectations were exceeded! It was one of the easiest things ever.

  • There is a parking deck one street over that you can park for and get your parking ticket validated if you’re voting early. So there’s parking. Easy and free!
  • There are signs everywhere telling you where to go if you are visiting the Bank to vote early
  • Walk up, give your name, they print out your sheet, you go vote, submit your vote…and bam!

It legit was so easy and from the moment I parked, to the moment I got back into my car…maybe 20 minutes tops. I went at 11am on a weekday.

They didn’t offer voting stickers but I did get an awesome pen that says ‘I voted in the 2020 election.” It also serves as a utensil that you can use to vote so you don’t have to actually touch anything with your hands.

Vote early!! If you can’t vote early, make sure to vote on election day: November 3rd. Which is also my birthday 🙂