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When you plan ahead, and take care of most of the decision-making tasks the night before, you will have more free mornings, letting you get into the meaningful work quicker.

Do you know that old cliché about not being able to love someone else until you love yourself? Science seems to agree. A new study finds that feeling confident about your body can give your sex life a boost. The research shows that having a positive body image is linked to increased pleasure in bed.

On the flip side, being self-conscious about your body results in less satisfaction in the sack and even sexual dysfunction in both men and women. What gives? Researchers examined the psychosocial factors that play a part in sexual performance. The study participants were a group of adults who have hooked up in the last month using dating apps.

The findings? The folks with more body positivity had higher sexual satisfaction and smoother functioning, compared to those who didn’t feel so good about their bodies and as a result, didn’t enjoy themselves in bed as much.

And the findings make sense because if you’re anxious or too concerned about what you look like or how you’re performing, you’re tense and distracted and that keeps you from being present and feeling good. Focusing your energy on your body and your partner’s perception of it gets in the way of enjoying what’s going on and that’s not what sex is all about. So if you want to heat the bedroom, you have to start with liking your body.