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When Erin Credo found out she was expecting twin daughters, she was speechless. Her husband, Jake, and even her maternal fetal medicine physician, Dr. Cliff Moore, were also shocked … and that’s because this was the couple’s second set of identical twins. They are already parents to six-year-old boys, Cooper and Grant and the odds of having another set of identical twins were really slim.

“Only about one in 111-thousand (111-thousand, 111 to be exact) pregnancies result in a second set of identical twins,” Dr. Moore explains. “To put that in perspective, we deliver approximately 8-thousand babies at Woman’s Hospital each year, so we’d only see that about once every 15 years.”

Even the pregnancy came as a big surprise because Erin and Jake struggled to conceive their sons for more than two years. And there were some complications during the pregnancy – the family contracted COVID-19 in August – but they recovered in time to welcome their newest members, Lola and Allie on September 22nd. After spending four weeks in the hospital to gain weight, the twin girls are now at home and mom and dad are using different color nail polish on them to tell them apart. Now they’re looking forward to watching the bond develop between their daughters, like it has with their sons. The mom says, “The bond between identical twins is unlike any other connection.”