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When you plan ahead, and take care of most of the decision-making tasks the night before, you will have more free mornings, letting you get into the meaningful work quicker.

This year has been a dumpster fire but at least you can escape 2020 in your dreams. That is… if you can get some sleep. Thanks to the stress and anxiety from everything that’s going on, good rest is about as scarce as hand sanitizer. Luckily for us, sleep experts feel our pain and have shared their personal strategies for getting some shut-eye.

  • Make your bedroom a location for sleep only. If your bedroom has become your office/gym/yoga studio, it’s time to change that right now.
  • Only crawl into bed at night when you’re ready to go to sleep. Instead of rolling around in bed miserable that you can’t sleep, start shifting yourself into the habit of getting under the blankets only when you’re ready. Sleep psychologist Sarah Silverman says she always keeps in the back of her mind that “eventually my sleep system is going to kick in” and soon enough, it does.
  • Move your body a little bit each day in a way that feels good. According to clinical psychologist Jade Wu, “we release endorphins when we exercise and this boosts our mood, which helps us become more able to weather the stressors we encounter, and that makes us better able to sleep.” It’s a pretty simple equation. Exercise equals sleep. So stop putting off those YouTube workouts you’ve had bookmarked since June.

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