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In 1977 World Vegetarian Day was born by the North American Vegetarian Society, and endorsed by the International Vegetarian Union in 1978. Every year in October the veggie-ness begins, but it’s never too late to begin eating veggies. There’s something called the Vegan Society that surfaced 75 years ago but veganism has been around much longer. Evidence of people choosing to avoid animal products can be traced back over 2,000 years, and you’ll hear some experts say that humans are not supposed to eat meat, but some will definitely say humans are designed to eat meat.  What do you think, and what do you eat? We’ve been trained to eat charred mammal flesh straight off the grill because it’s the 4th of July way, right? A nice juicy steak or ribs or even some good old lamb chops. YUM! But, what about grilling some veggies?

The million dollar question is, will you continue to eat meat as 5G towers continue to pop up, and what about when the radiation is increased to 6G?  You’ll read some articles saying that 5G smart collars on cattle help automate the milking process by wirelessly communicating with some type of robotic milking system that lets the cow approach the station at its own leisure, pass through the a designated gate after a ID check-in. WOW!!!

Are you ready to become a vegetarian yet? Here’s a delicious vegan pizza recipe to check out for your next Halloween party.


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