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The travel blogging couple of Kody Workman and Kelly Castillerecently got engaged and he pulled off the ultimate surprise to ask her to be his wife. They were on an underwater dive in Jamaica filming for their Instagram account, Positravelty, when he managed to whip out a ring box and present it to her.

Footage of the magic moment shows Kody holding the ring out to Kelly, but because they were underwater, they both swam to the surface before he could ask. As soon as their heads were above water, she asks him, “Is this real?” before he can even get the words “Will you marry me?” out. But as soon as he does, she replies “YES!” and takes her dive mask off to hug her future husband.

“This raw moment, this whirlwind of excitement and pure happiness is one that we will hold close to us forever,” the couple explains to followers on Instagram. “We debated keeping this video to ourselves but today, after staying so quiet, we just couldn’t contain it. We are honored to share this intimate moment with you because we love you all as well.”

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