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Front view of an angry couple looking each other sideways after argument in the kitchen during breakfast at home

If you’re in a relationship and things aren’t going great don’t stress out. There’s easy help. It’s the little gestures that make a big difference in a relationship.

Those are typically also the things we don’t focus on regularly. But according to Holly Parker, PhD, who wrote “If We’re Together, Why Do I Feel So Alone?,” we can strengthen relationships with tiny gestures.

Here are some ideas to work with. Remember, it only takes 60 seconds to improve your relationship!

  • Send a cute “thinking of you” text
  • Hug them
  • Clear the table or wash the dishes
  • Tuck them in. Seriously… it never gets old
  • Leave an “I love you” sticky note on the mirror
  • Share something awesome that they said, wrote, or created on social media
  • Add their favorite treat to your grocery order
  • Have their favorite song on when they walk in the door from work
  • Ask if they have something new to try in bed
  • Share a great shared memory with them
  • Get up from your chair and give them a kiss

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