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My husband and I LOVED Bentley’s on 25th in uptown Charlotte. It had an old school New York vibe, ¬†great food, and an AMAZING view of the city. So, of course, Dallas and I were upset when we heard the restaurant was planning to temporarily close and reopen in a new location. In my opinion, the location was half of the magic. Gazing from your table to the glittering uptown skyscape was one of the most romantic views in our city.

I’m not gonna lie, I was skeptical going into our date night, to try the new restaurant. However, other than the missing view, it really didn’t disappoint. They still had great escargot, steak tartar, oysters, and flamed bourbon steak that they light on fire tableside. It is quite a spectacle.

They also have a lovely dessert menu and the decor, although different, was very charming. This time, instead of the classic NYC feel, Bentley’s updated their look with a modern chic landscape that fits right into their new home in Southpark.

All in all, it’s still a great restaurant and I am sure with the new visible location on the ground floor in Piedmont Row Bentley’s will do great!