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Anne and Bill Duncan tied the knot in a garden ceremony at their home in Scotland in August, but the thing is, they were already married. The 72-year-old groom has dementia and has forgotten about parts of his life, including his first wedding 13 years ago. The couple has actually been together for about 20 years and Anne recently shared the story on the Real Fix podcast of their second wedding and the delightful “honeymoon period” they experienced all over again.

Anne, who is also 72, reveals that her husband hasn’t known her name for a long time and he struggles to communicate because of his illness. But not long after they attended a family member’s wedding, Bill proposed to his wife, not remembering they were already married. So when he popped the question “out of the blue” it was a big surprise and she thought he’d forget soon, but he didn’t.

She agreed to marry him and was shocked that he remembered, asking her every day when they were getting married. After they exchanged vows, Anne says they experienced “honeymoon vibes” for weeks. She would ask Bill if he remembered that she’s his new wife and he would hug her and shower her with kisses. “It was a completely unexpected wonderful miracle,” the two-time bride says. “The fact that he did this was nothing short of a miracle.”