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NEW YORK - MAY 28: Single New Yorkers chat during a HurryDate speed dating event May 28, 2003 in New York City. Speed dating is a trend in New York, pitting dozens of singles together for dozens of short "dates" in an evening. Participants fill out cards if they're interested, and event organizers e-mail any resulting matches. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Have you noticed an uptick in relationship status changes for your friends? If so, you can thank the coronavirus for that. While it’s slowed a lot of things down like tourism and high-fives, it’s had the opposite effect on love. That’s why 2020’s biggest dating trend might be the ‘turbo relationship.’

According to a new survey from eHarmony and Relate, over a third of couples that just recently moved in together say the past two months have felt like the equivalent of two years of commitment. They also copped to hitting relationship milestones like living together more quickly than before the ‘rona.

And it’s not that everyone is just sad and lonely. They are, but that’s not all of it. With all the health risks of in-person meetups, singles are having to make sure they’re finding someone that’s both worth their time, and worth potentially catching the virus. Dating coach Samantha Burns says they’re “having longer and more in-depth conversations prior to seeing each other, and this screening process is helping them weed out dating duds.”

So even though these love stories that blossomed in the quarantine may be putting the pedal to the metal with relationship milestones, they seem like they’re making sure it’s with the right person first. They’re not crazy, they’re romantic.

Source: HuffPost