Is Mariah Carey returning to the silver screen? Her life story might. Per Daily Mail, in a recent interview, she hinted there might be a movie coming based on her memoir.

While talking about the next chapter of her life, she said, “‘The best thing is that we’re keeping on going, and that this is a new era. This is a new moment, and we have music and lyrics, combined in a body of work that I feel very proud of.”

She then added, “Now I will say that I wish I had another three or four months to work on it, but I’ve been having some conversations with some very creative friends of mine who may or may not be in the world of film and that’s a very exciting prospect for the next chapter of this moment.”

She also shares that she considers her fans to be part of her family. “We, and you know this, have always had this incredible bond because of what they represent to me as not only an artist, but as a person that never felt that sense of family and they became my family. Obviously now, Roc and Roe [Moroccan and Monroe] are my family. They are my actual family, but the lambs, my fans helped define me in terms of my ability to feel a sense of belonging.”

Mariah’s memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, is currently available.

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