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circa 1960: A woman lathers shampoo into her hair. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

All the morning shower-ers owe the bedtime bathers an apology. For too long, they’ve been thinking they’re doing it right, simply because they can’t wake up without it. But doctors and scientists are here to right this wrong – and have the proof that night showers are the correct time to be getting your wash on.

  • Showering at night can help you sleep. Having trouble getting to sleep? Flipping your shower schedule might help. Research shows a warm 10-minute shower an hour or two before bedtime helps people fall asleep more easily thanks to the rapid cooling of your body after you get out.
  • Rinse off the day’s germs. You’re really bringing all of the day’s nastiness with you to bed? The night shower lets you rinse off all the dust, pollen, and other potential allergens you’ve built up on your skin and hair during the day. Your bed sheets and your partner with asthma will thank you.
  • Fight the ‘rona. The night shower has never been more important than in 2020. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Suzanne Friedler says that “if you work in a location where you are interacting with many people in a confined space, then it’s a good idea to shower immediately when you get home and before greeting your family.” Hand washing has been having a moment, but body washing deserves some love, too.


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