Staying at home has been the perfect excuse to invest a little more energy into gardening. The only problem? Those annoying pests. Well get this, the team at Gardens Alive wanted to know which pests and plant diseases cause the biggest nuisance in gardens across the U.S. They conducted research using google trends and surveying over 800 gardeners.

This data was collected using Google Trends search volume for top gardening pests and plant disease in each state. Additionally, we ran a survey of over 800 gardening experts in August 2020 to get their perspective on the most prevalent gardening pests on a regional level.

So how did North Carolina make out? In North Carolina the most common pests are snakes, and the most common plant disease is fusarium wilt. Nationally, birds are the worst pest and white mold is the most problematic disease. You can see the pests and plant disease breakdown in each state below.

I don’t know about you, but I HATE snakes. I am sort of glad we don’t have a serious bear problem though (sorry Connitcut) and who would have guessed the Pickleworm would be such a South Carolina issue. Ha!

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