Young or old, you know the iconic characters of the Golden Girls, or at the very least the catchy theme song “Thank You For Being a Friend.” Since quarantine began, many people are re-discovering older series and getting lost in some of yesteryear’s greatest T.V. shows.

With this in mind, Coventry combed through Google Trends and collected search data on just under 100 classic television shows to find the “Most Popular TV Land Show in Every State.” So what did North Carolina get?

The Burns and Allen Show is the most popular TV Land show in North Carolina, according to Google Trends data. Interestingly, the country’s tastes in classic TV had 40 different shows coming in first in at least one state and no shows taking the top spot in more than four states. However, the top overall shows were The Brady Bunch and The Addams Family. (Two of my personal favorites!) Oh, and our friends over in South Carolina love some Matlock for their classic television show choice.

You can see the full list of states and their results below.


To learn more about this study, check out the full study HERE!

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